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Despite the Media Deathwatch, RIM Is Still Increasing Revenue | Touch Intel

Despite the Media Deathwatch, RIM Is Still Increasing Revenue

December 22, 2010 |  by Brent Gairy  |  Industry  |   | 

Kevin Tofel on RIM’s recent quarterly statement:

Yet, even with heavy competition, RIM is still increasing revenues. How so? By finding growth outside the U.S. Horace Dediu’s Asymco blog notes that last year the U.S. accounted for 57 percent of RIM’s revenue, but in the just-reported quarter that figure dropped to 34 percent.While that could mean sales are struggling here, it indicates RIM is increasing sales overseas.

RIM is losing US marketshare, however, it has been increasing overseas sales. . This has set off a debate as to whether the company is facing long term decline, or, will youth in emerging markets become RIM’s new customer base..

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Brent Gairy has been fascinated with mobile devices since the Palm Pilot 1000 and now works as project manager on mobile ecommerce websites. In addition to being the main contributor at Touch Intel, Brent also writes for Just Another iPad Blog, The Retrospective and Urb Magazine on technology and mobile devices.


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